Using Numerology Soul Contract Readings To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of, and Connection To, My Self, My Truth and My life, After Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Using Numerology Soul Contract Readings To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of, and Connection To, My Self, My Truth and My life, After Childhood Sexual Abuse.

The One Where I Share With You How Soul Contract readings Have Helped Me To Experience Empowerment, Healing, Clarity, Focus and Wholeness On My Healing Journey.

I can picture and feel myself back then, [in the moments after my reading],  in the here and now just as if it were yesterday. I was feeling such a sense of disbelief and amazement and also such a sense of relief.   Initially my response to my Soul Contract Reading was “Oh my Gosh, how did she know all this about me.”…but then during the days that followed, the knowledge and awareness that I gained from my reading became a tool of empowerment, self awareness, self healing, understanding and growth. 

Sophia Grace

I first came across Soul Contract Readings about 12 years ago when I was drawn to a numerologist who I’d never met before, who specialised in Soul Contract Readings.  I had never done anything like having a spiritual or psychic reading done before but felt very drawn at the time to making an appointment with her. 

After the reading, my initial response was “Oh my Gosh, how did she know all of that!” 

She had described my life with pinpoint accuracy, everything about me, what had happened to me as a child, my personality/traits, my interests, passions and desires, who I am, and my strengths and so called weaknesses.  

During my reading it all (my life) finally began to make sense…. In my one hour appointment I had gained an understanding and clarity about my life, the reasons why my life had turned out to be like it was and why I am like I am today…..

Sophia Grace

I remember being asked about how I was feeling, by the numerologist, after the reading and I remember saying that in amongst my feelings of amazement and disbelief, that also I felt such a sense of relief for the first time in my life.  Relief that I wasn’t going mad.  

For the first time ever there was meaning and clarity in my life.  I remember saying to her ”Well that explains it [my life] all. Thank God! I am not going Mad”.  

Sophia Grace

I felt relieved, after my reading, because my life suddenly made sense and I felt for the first time ever that I was able to understand myself and my life more clearly.  In addition to, I felt relieved that with that clarity and understanding and with the greater sense empowerment that I felt, with the awareness  that I had gained, that I would now be more equipped and able to ‘sort my life out’ and start to move it in the direction that I was needing and wanting to go in, and finally get out of the clutches and control of my past.

Initially my response to my reading was one of disbelief and amazement, relief and astonishment.  But then, after the days and weeks after my reading went by, I started to process the information that I had received and began to integrate into my life.  From there I started to find that I was then able to use the information as a tool to direct my healing and to give me an awareness, understanding,  knowledge and ability to re-focus and direct my life in alignment with my Truth and who I am here to be. 

Since my first reading I have gone on to train and help countless others to understand, and reconnect to, their life and their truth, through Soul Contract Readings.  I carry out the Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Readings and help individuals to find meaning and purpose in their lives, in their work, relationships and family dynamics.  In both my professional and personal experience, I have found that this tool is particularly helpful, supportive and empowering for survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).  

In this blog I would like to share with you more about this amazing tool.  What it is. How it works, and how it has helped me on my very own healing journey from CSA.  In addition, at the end I  will include details of how, if you are interested you can contact me to find out more information.

Please note: that there are many different systems of numerology.  All done in different ways with different outcomes and meanings.  In this blog, I will talk about the system of numerology that I am trained in, The Numerology Of Moses Soul Contract Readings.  

What is A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading

Before I go on to talking about the soul contract reading in itself I just wanted to talk a little bit about what I have come to learn about soul contracts.  What they are, how they work and why we have these contracts in place during our lifetime.  

Soul Contracts are said to be agreements that we make with ourselves and others while in spirit, so before we are born and incarnate into this lifetime.  Our soul contracts are made to set, define and align our life and experience on Earth in accordance with the higher will, good and purpose of our soul.  

Why would we need to do that, you might ask?  Well, I believe that we are here on earth as spiritual beings, beings of higher awareness and consciousness having a human life experience.  Our main purpose in this lifetime is to grow and evolve not only our individual soul consciousness but the collective whole consciousness as well, to move forward and evolve the consciousness level of the entire human race.  

In order to help us evolve on an individual level it is said that we set our life experiences, in spirit, prior to our birth, (or soul contract),  to provide us with the life events and circumstances, relationships and interactions that will offer us the opportunities that we need in order to fulfill our agreed contract or agreements to grow and evolve in consciousness in this lifetime experience on earth

The moment we incarnate or are born the pre-agreed contract kicks into play to start our experience here on Earth.  Whilst through this contract we then draw, the parents, family, friends, experiences to us to provide us with the opportunities we need to evolve and grow, this soul contract reading that I am talking about, specifically pertains to the agreement we made with ourselves, not with others.

When we are born, unless we grow up in an environment where family, parents and our support and education system are themselves spiritually conscious, open and aware then it is highly unlikely that we will be able to remember or connect to our soul contract and the truth of who we are, alone.  And so having a Soul Contract Reading helps us to do that – to  understand why we are here on Earth; helping us to understand ourselves, who we are here to be, our life experiences and why our life is the way that it is.

For me having a  Soul Contract Reading done, shone a light on my life to illuminate my path,  my purpose and my truth more clearly.  It gave me an added sense of clarity, direction and focus. And with this awareness and self understanding I have been more able to make conscious decisions and changes to create the life,  not only that I want, but that is in alignment with who I am here to be. 

Just like I was drawn to the numerologist all those years ago, sometimes we can feel drawn to a soul contract reading as our Soul calls out to us from within to re-connect, to our Truth, our life and purpose that will guide us in this lifetime to who we are and who we are here to be.  

Why would we ever chose a life of experiencing child abuse? 

So if we choose our life experiences in spirit, before we are born, why would we choose a life experience of child abuse?  Over the years I have asked myself this question many times.  And it’s only as I have journeyed along my spiritual path, finding greater meaning and purpose in life that I have found myself being able to answer that question in a good enough way that helps me start, alongside my healing journey, to come to find inner peace and acceptance for my life experience of abuse and how it has been for me.

We are all on different paths in this lifetime.  Travelling at different levels, rates and speeds, of consciousness, spiritual growth, awareness and evolution. Depending on the rate and level of our individual evolvement some souls choose what we could define as more severely traumatic life experiences to grow, whilst others a not so traumatic path, in order to experience the depth of disconnection from source and truth that provides them with the life experiences that they need to propel themselves forward, at their defined rate, to grow and evolve in consciousness.  

The extent of one’s life experiences is dependent on where the individual soul is, on their individual path of growth and evolution.  But, no matter where we are on our individual spiritual path, we are all growing, evolving and experiencing in this lifetime, on a physical as well as spiritual level.  

Why we would “willing” choose child abuse as an experience…is a tough one to answer but for me I feel, knowing what I know about soul contracts and spititual growth, that the answer lies somewhere between Karma, ( a much bigger subject for another day), and the level of growth and re-connection to who we are that can be gained through the experience of abuse.  

For Soul’s wanting to have a real opportunity to grow on a ‘deep, fast and effective level’,  highly traumatic experiences such child abuse can provide the soul with that which it needs in this lifetime to take a giant leap forward in consciousness and growth.  

Childhood Sexual Abuse can provide a truly empowering oportunity to grow and learn on a physical level, ie. on a level that we can relate to in everyday life but also on a spiritual level too.

Souls who chose a life of abuse can often be very strong, experienced and conscious souls.  Who have great gifts, skills, awareness, strength, courage, power, resourcefulness and resilience within to overcome their experiences. To heal not only on a physical level but also evolve and grow on a spiritual level too.

So, What is a Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading and How Does it Work?

A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading is a fast and accurate tool that helps you to:


It goes into the essence of your life purpose and helps you understand why your life is the way that it is and what it is that you are here to do and experience in this lifetime.

It  goes into the essence of your life purpose and the contract that you made for your life, your experiences and growth in this lifetime, describing:

The Karma and main lessons that you are here to learn.  This helps you to see how your life challengers and experiences have been perfectly created to help you learn and grow.  With this increased level of awareness you can gain a greater understanding of why your life is, and has been, the way that it is and greater power to change your life experiences to create the life that you desire.

Your gifts and talents that you have to not only overcome your life challengers but also to share with the world, showing you, your full potential in this lifetime,

Your goals and what drives you which can give you clarity on where to focus your efforts in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and

Your overall life purpose or Soul Destiny. What you are here to achieve and do in this lifetime.

Please note: A soul contract reading goes into the essence of your life – the contract or agreement that you made prior to your incarnation.  It is important to remember that none of  your challenging life experiences are experienced out of punishment, out of you being a bad person or out you needing to pay off some karmic debt. This is how I felt for a long time.   You are not a bad person or have ever been a bad person if you have experienced CSA.  Your experiences in your life stem from your soul’s deep desire to evolve, grow and become whole again.

What a Numerology of Moses Soul Reading is NOT…

It is NOT a reading that will give you forecasts or predictions of specific events that will happen in your life. It is a tool of self empowerment, awareness and growth which helps facilitate greater understanding, growth and change in your life as well as your Soul’s progression.

It helps you to understand your life, why it is the way it is, why you are here and what experiences your soul has chosen for you.  With this awareness you can move through your challenges and experiences with greater awareness, understanding and ease to then become all that you are here to be!

How Does A Numerology of Moses Soul Reading Work?

A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading is created from your full birth name, as written on your birth certificate.    Using your birth name a birth chart is put together and a reading is carried out from the chart describing the dominant energies and experiences, as outlined above, that your soul has chosen for you to experience in this lifetime.  

Having a Personal Soul Reading  can help you to:

Understand your life,

Understand the truth of who you really are and why you are here,

Understand conflicts, tensions and difficulties in your life,

Gain greater clarity, direction and focus in your life,

Unleash your potential ,

Connect to your higher self,

Understand the effects of changing your name e.g. through marriage.

 In addition to an individual Soul Contract Reading, you can also have:

Family Readings to understand your family’s dynamics and conflicts and for parents your child’s Soul Contract Reading to help you understand your child and support them in life.

Relationship Readings  to help you understand the dynamics between you and your partner, family, friends and those you work with.

Overlay Readings to understand how any other names that you have taken since your birth name, such as through marriage, may be influencing your life.

Name Optimisation to help you achieve your maximum potential in life, and

Business Readings to maximise your potential and success in business.

I started off with an individual Soul Contract Reading but then went on to do all above, which had helped me tremendously, particularly in understanding and managing relationships.

How a Soul Contract Reading has helped me as a Survivor of Childhood Abuse

I often return back to my original Soul Contract Reading to regain clarity, reconnection and alignment.  To refocus myself and remind myself of who I am, particularly when I lose myself in my healing journey and\or when :

I feel Stuck or held back in life in some way.

I want clarity about certain situations and circumstances going on in my life

I am looking for confirmation or reassurance that I am on the right track or have choices to make and seek guidance.

I feel ready to move forward in life and let go of the past and all that which is holding you back.

I feel that there is something holding me back but I may not know exactly what it is.

Other self-help and development programs or therapies appear to no longer working for me

When I have tried affirmations, visualisations etc and all the many other methods of manifestation and I am still not manifesting my dreams?

I, as a spiritual seeker on my Spiritual Path, am looking for my next step in growth.

I am ready to embrace more of my True nature and life purpose.

A Numerology of Moses Soul Reading has helped to  illuminate my path and purpose more clearly to give me an added sense of energy, focus and direction.  It has also helped me to focus my healing more specifically on the aspects of my life which will bring the greatest rewards to my overall life experiences and well being.

How Soul Contract Reading has helped me on my healing journey from CSA?

A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading has also been a really big contributory factor in helping me resolve my issues in areas such as:

Money & Abundance, Work, Family, Relationships, Stress and Karma .

But I think more than anything a Soul Contract Reading it has helped me to:

Feel an increased sense of self confidence, self worth, value and self empowerment

Find A Deeper connection to Spirit and re-connection to your truth

Awaken and enhance my Spiritual gifts, talents and Divine Life Purpose

Feel more whole and complete

A greater expression of my Mastery and Divinity

Grow and expand Spiritually 

Gain and greater sense of meaning, clarity and focus in my life

Increase my feeling of zest for living and renewed optimism

Feel and achieve a real sense of “Being Free”

Gain a greater capacity to give and receive love

Understand, on a spiritual level my karmic based experiences in life which has enabled me to not only heal, but also stop building up, the karmic accumulation.  

For me, having my Soul Contract Reading read has been, without a doubt,  one of the most self empowering tools that I have come across on my healing journey and I really enjoyed talking about this amazing healing tool with you.

I hope, as always that my sharing has inspired you in some way.

Comment Below: As always I’d love to hear from you and would love for you to get in touch and share your thoughts and questions on this subject. If you would like more information on The Numerology Of Moses Soul Contract, and/or are interested in having one done, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at:

My love is with you as always.

Until next time, take care


Sophia Grace

In this blog you will see and hear posts, recordings and videos using the name of Amelia Ella Hope.  This was the pen name that I wrote my blog in until mid April 2020.  Whilst I now no longer use this pen name, old posts, audio and video still feature on this site under this name.  The content from both names are from me, Sophia Grace, but the former name of Amelia was used in my early days to allow me to write and share my story safely, openly and freely.  To read more on why I used a pen name then visit My Original About Me page and why I decided to then use my actual name, then click here.  Thank you for your understanding.

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