Preparation and Guidelines for Yoga and Stretching Practice

Before practising any of the Yoga or stretching exercises which I share with you on my blog, you are advised to please read and follow the guidelines below:

If you have any serious medical conditions, please consult your doctor before practising.

If, at any time whilst practising you feel faint, light headed, or dizzy please stop practising immediately and rest, taking a few deep breaths.

You should also stop if you experience any undue stress, pressure or pain at any time and consult your doctor before continuing your practice.

Always, should you have any medical conditions, please follow your doctor’s recommendations when developing your practice.

Always follow the correct exercise instructions/procedure given.

Always choose the correct exercise and level of practice that best suits your physical strength, flexibility and wellness level.

Know your limits and work within them.  Always use common sense when practising.

Always work from your Spirit, allowing your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you,  and not from your Ego.

Yoga emphasises a non-violent policy, so remember throughout your practice to treat your body with care and respect.  Yoga is about healing our bodies and not harming them.

Move slowly and smoothly throughout the exercises and listen to your body. Resting whenever you need to.

Breathe slowly, deeply and smoothly  as you stretch allowing tension to leave you with each out breath.

Stretch only as far as you comfortably can and should anything become too much, stop and rest.

Leave at least two hours after eating before practising Yoga.

Remove any bulky or sharp jewellery, beforehand to avoid any discomfort or injury during your practice.

Wear comfortable clothing, preferably trousers with elasticated waistbands for ease, free movement and comfort during the exercises. 

Do not wear socks or tights during standing exercises to prevent slipping or injury.  You may, however, choose to pop on some socks and extra layers for practising Yoga Nidra/relaxation as your body temperature may fall as you relax and you may feel chilly.

To avoid choking, please do not chew gum or sweets during your practice. (This one may seem obvious but I have seen it done!)

Try to practice in a warm quiet room where you won’t be disturbed, ideally with your mobile phone switched off, or in another room.  

Throughout your practice, try to focus your awareness inwards focusing on your body and mind as one, leaving your worries and concerns behind.

Any questions or concerns you may have, please don’t hesitate in asking or discussing them with me.  No question is ever a silly one and you may help others at the same time.

Enjoy Your Practice


In this blog you will see and hear posts, recordings and videos using the name of Amelia Ella Hope.  This was the pen name that I wrote my blog in until mid April 2020.  Whilst I now no longer use this pen name, old posts, audio and video still feature on this site under this name.  The content from both names are from me, Sophia Grace, but the former name of Amelia was used in my early days to allow me to write and share my story safely, openly and freely.  To read more on why I used a pen name then visit My Original About Me page and why I decided to then use my actual name, then click here.  Thank you for your understanding.

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