How Photography Helps Me On My Journey of Recovery From Childhood Sexual Abuse

The One Where I Share With You Not Only My Love of Photography But Also How It Helps Me On My Journey Of Recovery After Abuse

Photography has always been a big part of my life journey. I can remember my first camera as a child.  It was a brightly coloured, pink and yellow, Le Clic portable film camera. I loved it so much and I’m sure, just like I do today,  that I spent so many wonderful moments lost in the solace, beauty, magic, and imagination of the objects which I was photographing. 

I’ve never had any problems over the years, getting lost in the world behind the lens. For hours on end I can be out in nature snapping up another how many photos. My husband often jokes whilst rolling his eyes “ How many today?”.  Today, it’s one of my favourite ways of treating myself and spending some of those precious moments that I have to myself whilst Naila sleeps in her pram.  

I’ve never had expensive gear,  and over the years have just used  simple portable cameras or now with the additional convenience, the camera on my mobile, to capture beautiful sights and moments that I witness each day as I journey along the way.

It’s only now as I write that I think about how much photography has helped me on my healing journey.  One click at a time, it has been a real life saver for me in terms of my mental health. It has provided me with a refuge into which I can retreat, out in nature, to recoup, relax and unwind and a sanctuary in which I can lose myself, to  rest and re-balance from the mental and emotional pain, stress and trauma from my present and past.  

I can’t think of any other thing, outside of my love of photography, that I like to do for myself right now that can make me feel more at peace within myself.  When I am taking pictures it’s the only time when I can truly switch of, forget my past and let go of my daily concerns. And it’s the only time I can completely surrender and allow myself to get lost for a while in the healing, nurturing,  calming and beautiful world that lies on the other side of the lens.  

I love taking close ups and, as you’ll soon see, love to take most of my pictures whilst out in nature. I love how I can not only combine two of my favourite hobbies, (photography and being out in nature), but use them in such a healing way to help me on my journey.

As you’ll see, I have a fascination with the abstract.  I have no idea where from, but I love to bring that into my photography. So some of the photos that I share with you will illustrate  that fascination that I have with that more abstract perspective on life. 

I can lose myself for hours in nature capturing the intricate details of a leaf, insect or flower and over the years have built up a library of thousands of photos. I may not be the best photographer but I’m not trying to be. Instead I’m trying to be the best version of me that I can be and I find that photography helps me find a way to do just that, and for it, I will always be grateful.

Photography helps me every day to be a better person and a better mum.   More than that though it helps me to find balance and calm within myself as I travel down the sometimes turbulent path of healing from abuse   

I hope you enjoy flicking through my photos and maybe even be inspired in some way to bring creativity into your path and journey of healing.  Enjoy.

My Photo Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery in which I share with you some of my favourite photos that I have taken over the years and in recent time.

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Until next time, as always with my love

Amelia Ella Hope 

In this blog you will see and hear posts, recordings and videos using the name of Amelia Ella Hope.  This was the pen name that I wrote my blog in until mid April 2020.  Whilst I now no longer use this pen name, old posts, audio and video still feature on this site under this name.  The content from both names are from me, Sophia Grace, but the former name of Amelia was used in my early days to allow me to write and share my story safely, openly and freely.  To read more on why I used a pen name then visit My Original About Me page and why I decided to then use my actual name, then click here.  Thank you for your understanding.

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