Grief Meditation

Grief Meditation

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share a meditation with you which I came across recently. It is one that I am using daily at the moment as I process, and go through, my father’s declining health and ‘end of life’ process.

This meditation has helped me to find a means of giving myself some structured time and space to receive nourishment, rest and revitalisation. At a time when I am otherwise giving so much support to my father, mother and family as we journey together at this time, I also find great comfort, strength, courage and hope in this meditation.

What I love about this meditation is how it allows me space me to, witness how I am feeling and, allow my feelings to be heard. It allows me to let go of that which I cannot change. And, it empowers me and connects me to my internal guidance system to help bring awareness and action into the parts of this life situation that I can change. This not only helps me to better care for and support myself and loved ones at this time, but also helps me to process my feelings through the grieving process to help ease my suffering.

I hope , if you are affected by grief at this time that you find this meditation to be nurturing and supportive. And I wish you a peaceful and gracefully journey through your own process.

Please note that meditation is not for everyone. If you suffer from depression or overwhelming anxiety or mental health issues then please seek advice from a mental health professional before listening to this recording.

Meditation can bring up and/or heighten our awareness and experience of feelings and emotions that we may not feel ready or able to experience or cope with. If for any reason this meditation does not feel right for you or it it feels too uncomfortable for you or brings up too many painful feelings, memories and emotions then please stop listening to it immediately. Re-ground yourself in any ways that you know how. E.g by talking to a trusted friend or relative, by going for a walk, doing some exercise, or doing something that you know that helps you to feel safe, grounded and present in the here and now.

At times of crisis when I feel ungrounded, overwhelmed or unable to cope with the sheer level of feelings and pain that I may be processing, I don’t hesitate to call trustworthy, confidential and supportive helplines such the Samaritans.

If you are affected by grief in a way that is causing you overwhelm, distress, suicidal thoughts or a feeling of being unable to cope then here are two helplines that can help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They can help and support you.

Cruse (bereavement support service) – – Tel: 0808 808 1677

The Samaritans – – Tel: 116 123 (freephone) – Available 24/7

My love is with you as always.

Until next time, take care

Sophia Grace

Comment Below: As always I’d love to hear from you and would love for you to get in touch and share your thoughts and experiences on this subject and share any resources that may have helped you in times of grief.

In this blog you will see and hear posts, recordings and videos using the name of Amelia Ella Hope.  This was the pen name that I wrote my blog in until mid April 2020.  Whilst I now no longer use this pen name, old posts, audio and video still feature on this site under this name.  The content from both names are from me, Sophia Grace, but the former name of Amelia was used in my early days to allow me to write and share my story safely, openly and freely.  To read more on why I used a pen name then visit My Original About Me page and why I decided to then use my actual name, then click here.  Thank you for your understanding.

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