Feeling Good

Feeling Good

The One where I share my favourite morning meditation with you

Are you kidding, I thought,  as I heard the gardener rev up his machine…she has just this moment finally gone to sleep!!!!!  Leafblowers, I hate them. (And I hate using the word hate as well, especially when I am thrust out of my feel good, happy place into where I am now feeling frustrated and angry. Aaarrrggghh!! ) But that’s how I feel about leafblowers. They are noisy, polluting, and to me downright unnecessary.  Just leave the leaves as Mother Nature intended…there on the ground to feed and nourish the insects and earth. It’s not all about a pristine lawn you know!

I apologise as a rant is not normally the way that I usually like to start my blogs but I am a desperate mum wanting and needing her tired little toddler to have a nap.  Right now, I am feeling frustrated and anxious as I try to get Naila back to sleep after the the noise briefly woke her. If you are a parent you’ll probably understand that frustration and know that desperation well. That said though,  despite feeling a little frustrated and anxious as I frantically push the pram into a quieter spot, on our ramble today I, I have to be honest, am feeling really good about myself and life at the moment . 

As I began today’s ramble, I was merrily walking along the path in my happy space,  feeling so much love and gratitude for myself and my life right now. I was thinking about how I really do have so much in my life to be grateful for.  

I’m loving being a mum and Naila is doing so well at the moment.   I’m excited as well as we will hopefully soon be moving house. I’m meeting so many amazing people at the moment and having wonderful synchronicities.   I have amazing friends, a loving husband and am loving every moment, (even if they are short and fleeting at times), of being able to write and share my journey with you on this blog.  I feel amazingly creative, inspired and connected to my Self and life, and I’m …well truly loving life, for what honestly feels like the first time ever.

I’m not wanting, or trying, to boast or rub it in, in anyway but rather  I am wanting to inspire and give courage, strength and determination to carry on to you, if for whatever reason you are not feeling the same way right now. 

Life hasn’t always been this way for me and was for many years, and decades in fact,  far from the life that I have now. I spent years disconnected from life, from myself and from others and saw years go by from the cold, dark and lonely state of depression in which I found myself unable to find a way out from after my years of abuse.   In those desperate moments I could have only imagined or dreamed of what days like these might be like. But they are here now for me and I share them with you to give you hope, courage and a knowing that there are good days out there to be had.  

As I push the buggy up to our usual spot under a beautiful beech tree where I like to sit for a while and write whilst our beautiful daughter sleeps,  I smile to myself as I hear those words going through my head once again. “….feeling really good about myself and life.” That’s just incredible, I think to myself.  I feel so proud of myself and of how far I have come to be able to say just that… that I feel great.  

Everything in my life seems to be just falling into place right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have challengers with a toddler, buying/selling and moving house, being full of cold right now, having consistently disturbed night’s sleep over the last few nights and having to manage the constant ebb and flow of emotions and intense processing that I have to deal with along my healing journey.  But despite all of that, it’s even more great to be able to say, even amongst those challengers that I’m feeling great and feeling more and more of my true Self each day…living more and more of MY life rather than the one previously dictated to me by my past, shackled in the chains of abuse.  

I thought for a moment as I parked up the pram about what, out of my toolbag, I could share with you today that has not only helped me on my journey but also can help you to  feel a greater sense of joy, gratitude, clarity, balance, inner knowing and connectivity to Self, that I am feeling today. Whilst its not one thing that I have done over the years, but rather a culmination of all the tools and resources that I share with you on these blog pages that have helped me to get to this point and those feelings, I have noticed since having a regular morning meditation practice that I have started to feel more peaceful, calm, centred, grounded, emotionally balanced, clearer, connected and more able to ride through the storms of life with greater ease.  

And so with that in mind I thought I’d share with you today my favourite morning meditation which I like to do every morning at the moment.  For me it is the best way to open my day and really helps me set the tone and intention for my day. It helps me start my day in a really grounded, stable, open, connected and loving way.  

The mediation that I am sharing with you is the ‘General Wellbeing Meditation’  from ‘The Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation’ series by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham) .  I love their work and will speak so much more about it on my blog pages but for now I am sharing a link to their website where you can find out more about their work and the meditation that I am talking about and also a YouTube link to an introduction to,  and excerpt from, the meditation so that you can get a feel of it. (Although the link is to a website based in the US, the work of Abraham Hicks is widely available to buy).   

Meditation for me has been one of the greatest ways that I have been able to find clarity of mind and a greater sense of  inner peace and calm. In addition, it has enabled me to deepen my levels of self awareness and self understanding, and my connectivity to my higher Self, intuition and internal guidance system.   It has always been a very big part of my healing journey and I am excited to share this mediation with you.  

If you would like to read more about my journey with mediation and receive a free download on the benefits of meditation then click here.

And as promised, here are links:



I hope you enjoy the meditation and as always I’ve really enjoyed sharing today’s ramblings with you and I hope they may inspire you in some way.  I look forward to rambling with you next time.  

With all my love until then.

Amelia Ella Hope xx

In this blog you will see and hear posts, recordings and videos using the name of Amelia Ella Hope.  This was the pen name that I wrote my blog in until mid April 2020.  Whilst I now no longer use this pen name, old posts, audio and video still feature on this site under this name.  The content from both names are from me, Sophia Grace, but the former name of Amelia was used in my early days to allow me to write and share my story safely, openly and freely.  To read more on why I used a pen name then visit My Original About Me page and why I decided to then use my actual name, then click here.  Thank you for your understanding.

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