Moments of Hope

Introduction to Moments of Hope

The planet and humanity is faced with times of great flux, uncertainty and challenge at the moment, with amongst many other things, the climate crisis and more recently the outbreak of the Covid 19 /Coronavirus.  In this part of my blog I would like to share with you, some inspiring ideas, resources, stories and words of wisdom which I have found over the recent days and weeks to offer great hope, comfort and wisdom to me in these uncertain times.

I decided to start this section of my blog in March 2020, during the very rapid entry and spread of the Coronavirus pandemic into Europe, as a way of sharing the tools and resources that I found to be useful to me in helping me stay grounded, centered, calm and connected during this turbulent and uncertain time.  

I became aware, very early on, as the virus spread into the UK, of my need for daily practices in my life that would help me to stay centred, grounded and calm during this time and help me navigate the path ahead and so I set out to find from within and all around tools, ideas and resources that I could put in place to help me to self care, support and heal on this journey.

It is my hope that in my sharing, in this part of my blog, that I can help, support and inspire us all as we journey together… and perhaps helps us all to find moments of hope in these uncertain times.   

Love and blessings to you.